FOOLSTONE: A Mandadian material made from polyurethane, silicone, sand and more.

Sitting Stones                                                                                                                         Interior Design Magazine, Oct. 2004: “… an unusual built-in sofa that blurs the line between artisanship and sculpture. New York artist Mandad began by carving out blocks of foam rubber, which he upholstered in a slate-colored cotton blend, then covered with a mixture of slate-colored silicone and sand excavated from the site. Along the sofa’s meandering 65-foot length, seat heights vary from 1 to 2 feet, depths from 15 to 28 inches. Pragmatically, the irregular form provides comfort for both adults and children; poetically, mere furniture is transformed into an outcropping of rock. …” Edie Cohen

Click Photo to Enlarge                                                         

The “Small” Section, (15′) in the Studio

sitting stones, couchDetailSittingStonesDetail
A Small Comfort For Hard Times   ( 8″ X 9″ X 8″ )                                                                                     

ART   ( 28″ X  17″ X 9″ )


Large Gourd   ( still life )

Model for Monument     VIEW ONEFtoF1VIEW TWOFtoF2FOOLSTONE Chair, with Artiste


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