Wall work (primarily photo-based) in various mediums         

Coney Arousal        digital print, numerous sizes                                                                [unaltered photo of the “Carousel” Building, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, winter 2014 ]


Romance in the Mojave                                                                                                       No zoom, slowly moved to about 18″ away. They were still embraced when I left the scene.ThinkingOfYou2Twit


Ken Gerberick’s secret site specific installation.                                                    Article in Canada’s, Maclean’s Magazine, by Julia McKinnell. http://www.macleans.ca/society/life/secrets-of-the-forest/                                             Ken’s website: http://kkgerberick.ca/index.html                                                            Photos by Ray Carter: artist formally known as Mandad

imageKen3blog Ken4blog Ken5blog

Exploding Buddha  digital print

BANAL: NYC Street Photos: BrooklynBanal2 NYBanal4NYBanal5
BrooklynBanal1 NYBanal6Lily        chromogenic print 4′ X 4′                                                                                          

    PopCaps       digital print

PopCapsWebFuture   digital print series

If Not You, Who      digital print                                                                                                         

Click on photo to Enlarge

Beginners Mind


eFLIP TwoeFLIP2 Three                                                                                                                                       eFLIP 3

CATOPHONY   A reference to Mandad’s roots as a child in Cheshire. A multiflorous Cheshire Cat.   [ chromogenic print, mounted on 1/4″ hanging gallery plexi ]

LANDERS           Digital Photographic Print:


Cat Head    4′ X 4′ chromogenic print, mounted: hanging gallery plexi

  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness                digital print

Abstraction and Ambiquity 2                                digital print


Flip Flop              digital print                                                                                                   Night Man                 digital printNightmanBlog



4 thoughts on “FLAT/PHOTO-BASED

  1. Loved your Catophony donation piece at the Sea Shepherd benefit last night. Its too bad it wouldn’t fit in my apartment. Are there places in NYC to view more of your work?

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