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MANDAD  [ b. 1950  Birkenhead, Cheshire, England ]

Mandad’s work explores profundity, banality and humor, usually at the same time. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and is in private collections in New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Prague, Southampton, Palm Beach and other places around the globe. Mandad also produces commissioned design work; which have included: a shattered glass wall, The Reserve (La Quinta, Ca.), a forty-five foot rubber [Foolstone] couch, “Sitting Stones,” (Agua Cliente Tribal Building, Palm Springs, Ca.) and a sixty-foot, non-repeating digital collage, “Sports Mural,” for The Den, (Indiana/Purdue University, Indianapolis, IL).                                                                                                                   His materials and techniques include pigmented silicone, polyurethane foam rubber, shattered glass and photo-based work.

Regarding the effect of his work on the viewer, Mandad likes to quote Emmanuel Kant’s comment: “We feel a slackening of the body by the oscillation of the organs, which promotes the restoration of equilibrium and a has a favorable influence on health.”

As one art critic put it: “It’s impossible to describe the eclecticism, irony, ritual and humor that permeate Mandad’s work, but it’s fun to try.”

Mandad has disseminated his work primarily from his studio/gallery to private collectors,  … but also:

A Selective Exhibition List:

2013 – Mandad’s Pop Up Gallery, various places around New York.

2013 – Waves of Change, (benifit for the  Sea Shepherd Conservation Society )  Hasted Kraeutler Gallery,  New York

2013 – The Palms, Wonder Valley, Ca.

2009 – to the present:  Melissa Morgan Fine Art, numerous exhibits

2011 –  Loretta Howard Gallery, January White Sale, curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody, NY

2010 – Melissa Morgan Fine Art,  Smash Fashion installation Palm Desert, Ca.

2009 –  Melissa Morgan Fine Art,  Selected Works, Palm Desert, Ca.

2008 – Black, White and Red All Over, A Roadside Attraction, 29 Palms, Ca.

2007 – High Desert Art Tour, Public Studio Exhibit

2007 – Palm Spings Art Museum, Artists Council National Juried Exhibition,

2007 – Warhology, Palm Springs, M Modern, July

2007 – Inaugural Show, M Modern, Las Vegas

2006 – Retinal Circus, M Modern, Palm Springs

2005 – Butler Fine Art, East Hampton, New York

2004 – Smash+Poly, (glass and rubber installation) Flik International, New York

2004 – L’Olivier Downtown, New York-The MANDAD Show

2003 – Sitting Stones (sculpture/functional) for Aqua Caliente Cahuilla Native Building, Palm Springs, CA

2002 – Insight West: Palm Desert, Ca.  Shattered Glass Wall

2002 – DimsonHomma, New York – Selected Work and Prototypes

2001 – Pavel Zoubak Gallery, New York – All That Glitters

1999 – John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, Ca.

1998 – The Vancouver Museum, Vancouver, B. C .- Hello Again

1998 – Patrick Montgomery Fine Arts, Vancouver, B. C. – Twisted

1996 – Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA

1995 – Erotic Art Show, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, B.C.

1995 – Library Square Artistamp Project, Vancouver,

1994 – Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Visual Edge

1993 – Pop Art Plus, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, Jan.

1993 – Pitt International Galleries, Vancouver, B.C. – Annual Group Show

1993 – Galerie Myadych, Brno, Moravia – Altered Mona

1992 – Sunshine Coast Arts Center, Balma / Mandad

1992 – Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, B. C. – Pop Art Plus (group show featuring Warhol, Lichtenstein, Oldenberg, and Mandad )

1991 – Stedoceska Galerie, Prague, Czechoslovakia – Crusader School of Pure Humor Without a Joke

1991 – Vancouver Art Gallery – Play Things

1991 – Arts Umbrella Invitational – Vancouver, B.C.

1990 – Heritage Hall, Spirit In the Land

1990 – Arts Umbrella, Vancouver, B.C.

1990 – Art and Fashion Cares, Toronto, Canada – Smash Fashion

1990 – WCM of Art, Bellinghan, WA – 10th Annual Juried Show

1990 – Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, B. C. – Biennial Invitational

1989 – Wam Bam Gallery, Miami, FL – Family Fun

1989 – Good Works, Sante Fe,  Installation, NM

1988 – Heffel Gallery,  – Child Within, Vancouver, B.C.

1988  – Pitt International Galleries, Me 2, Self Portrait Show, Vancouver, B.C

1988 – Heffel Gallery,  Child Within, Vancouver, B.C.

1987 – Walker Arts Center, Sculpture As Toy,  Minneapolis, MN.

1987 – Artropolis, Vancouver, B.C.

1987 – Hunter Gallery, Gibsons, B.C.

1987  – Pitt International Galleries, Vancouver, B.C. – The Madonna Show

1987  – NEWSOUNDS GALLERY,  Phone Art, Vancouver, Jan

1986 – Pitt International Galleries, Vancouver, B.C.

1986 – 2nd annual Audi Art Show KRAK Studio, Vancouver, B.C.

1986 – Pitt International Galleries, Broken Moose, Vancouver, B.C.

1986 – Neoartism, SAVAGE, Vancouver, BC

1984 – Beyond The Malahat, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC

1985 – Grunt Gallery, Audio Art Exhibit, Nov., Vancouver B.C.

1985 – Arts Science and Technology Centre, Vancouver, Oct.

1985 – The Chair Show, Pitt International Galleries, Vancouver, B.C.

1984 – 14 Island Artists, Pitt International Galleries, VancouverB.C.

1984 – Central Island Arts Alliance,  Self Portrait Show, Courtenay, B.C. May

1984 – Central Island Arts Alliance, Mandad’s Greatest Hits, A Major Retrospective, Courtenay, B.C.Equinox5Equinox2 Eqinox1



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